Everything you and your family need

Everything you and your family need

We care about your needs

We are here to recommend the best professionals in whatever specialty you need.

Our services

Baby sitters

You don't have to worry about your children anymore! A professional baby sitter can make you feel safe while you go about your business

Kindergarten teachers

Our kindergarten teachers have excellent training and will provide your children with knowledge and activities

Hotel nannies

You can feel safe for your people while you go about your business or enjoy your vacation!

Baby nurses

The Baby Nurse is responsible for taking care of the physical and mental health of babies and toddlers as well as for their smooth development.

Teachers - Professors

Our experienced teachers will help you or your children reach their goals.

Foreign language teachers

Our teachers have years of experience and will easily teach you the language you desire

Elderly people

Caring for the elderly and people with special needs (PWD) needs people who are experienced and, above all, trustworthy.

Domestic helpers

Find the ideal domestic helper for your own home!

Psychologists-Child psychologists

Approved and reputable psychologists of all specialties, who will be at your disposal every day to solve any problem you may have

Speech therapists

Our site provides you with experienced and renowned Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists, who will be ready to respond to the needs of children


Our team consists of experienced and renowned physical therapists, who take care of you personally in your place.

Special Education-Parallel Support

The ever-increasing needs of children forces us to provide them with parallel support at every difficult stage of their lives.

Mental Health/Parenting Counselor

Distinguished mental health counselors undertake problem solving at your place, also providing the possibility via Skype.

Children parties

The Miss Care site undertakes the event of children's parties at your place by providing a team that will be able to entertain your children

Why to choose us;

“Miss care” is the most modern, organized and reliable online communication platform between parents-kindergarten teachers/babysitters, caregivers, elderly, teachers and professors!

We feel your people like our own family

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